Officially Accredited Summer Sessions Following International Academic Standard and Curriculum

Welcome to International Association of University Summer Sessions(IAUSS)

International Association of University Summer Sessions (IAUSS) focuses on providing high quality undergraduate courses during summer and winter session in China. IAUSS has been collaborating with many top Chinese, North American, and Austrilian universities. Courses are held and administered by each host university in accordance with the summer session system in North America. All summer session courses offered by International Association of University Summer Sessions are taught in English by world-class faculty from North American universities. Upon completion of the courses, students will obtain transcripts officially issued by the host universities, which will be accepted by their home universities.


The basic purposes and overall mission of the summer sessions offered by the members of the International Association of University Summer Sessions are:

1. Innovating higher education in the era of globalization;

2. Internationalization of Chinese Higher Education;

3. Introducing Summer Sessions into Chinese Higher Education System;

4. To provide pre-college programs which may serve to recruit students, serve as bridge programs for minority / disadvantaged youth, and / or continuing intellectual development;

5. To encourage and support a variety of cultural and intellectual events on campus for students and staff as well as for the surrounding community.

Students' Feedback

Meng Yuan University of Western Ontario

It's an ideal choice for the oversea students to take summer courses at IAUSS Changsha Campus. I've met the distinguished professors who gave intriguing lectures and got well along with students after the curriculum.

Wanlin Wu Pace University Teacher assistant of Shanghai campus

It's a fantastic experience to be a student and teacher assistant for IAUSS , and I'm so excited and honored tobe awarded as an excellent intern student. I've benefited a lot from the short-term internship.