Officially Accredited Summer Sessions Following International Academic Standard and Curriculum


International students are welcome to take courses offered by host universities of International Association of University Summer Sessions. With summer sessions offered by top China universities in our 15 campuses, we are sure that you will have an exciting and productive summer.

Apply Eligibility

IAUSS welcomes undergraduates from all over the world to apply. We also encourage high-school students who have a plan for studying abroad or receiving offers already. Our program requires all students to prove their English language proficiency in the application. You must be qualified for at least one of the following conditions to pass our English language proficiency requirement.

1. English native speaker

2. Studying or Graduated from an institution where English is the main language of instruction

3. Have a valid TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score which is higher than 84 (IBT) or equivalent scores in other forms of TOEFL tests

4. Have a valid IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score which is higher than 7

5. (For students in Chinese universities) Successfully passed CET-4 or other equivalent / higher level standard tests

*If you do not fulfill any of them, students can contact the admission office for a VIDEO interview to prove your English proficiency.

For information on these tests, visit the TOEFL website at or the IELTS website at

How to Apply

Students from IAUSS host universities register the courses at Registrar’s Office. The credits earned will be counted as elective course credits. The office will release the application notification in October, 2017, please follow the update of Registrar’s Office website.

Please login at Online Application System and register for courses. Application procedures are as follow:

1. Complete the application

Complete personal information and course information (course number and session information) that you will enroll in our international summer session, and system will automatically calculate the tuition given the number of courses you choose.

2. Pay tuition

You can pay the tuition online via various methods. After you pay the tuition, please upload your confirmation to our website.

3. Confirm Course

After making payment, please confirm your selected courses online.

Tuition & Fees

For tuition & fees, please refer to host universities website.